OpenStack India Meetup, August 2013

Indian OpenStack User Group has organized a meetup on 24th August, 2013. CISCO India was kind to host this event at their Bangalore office. It was attended by 70 people belonging to various domains.

Sajid Akhtar, co-organizer of the User Group kick-started the event with a brief introduction to the User Group and its activities.

The keynote session was delivered by Srinivas Kavuri, who spoke about the OpenStack offerings by CISCO, with emphasis on Nexus 1000V, a networking and services platform. Srinivas is the Senior Director of CNSG, which is part of the Data Center Group, CISCO. CNSG is responsible for delivering innovative networking solutions to enable private, public, community and hybrid clouds.

Next, MuthuKrishnan and Vinutha (SW Engineers from CISCO, Bangalore) have presented a technical overview of Nexus 1000V  and CISCO OpenStack Installer (COI) for Grizzly. This was followed by a demo of the plugin.

Mohit Sethi spoke about Chef, a configuration management framework from OpsCode. He has explained in great detail on the principles and constructs of the tool and how Chef can be used for OpenStack.

This was followed by a talk from Sirushti and Vidhisha (students from PESIT), who spoke about ‘HybridStack’. This was a presentation on extending OpenStack to support a Hybrid Cloud Bursting Scenario. This project is currently being worked on at Centre for Cloud Computing and Big Data, PESIT under the guidance of Prof. Dinkar Sitaram. Their goal is to contribute this effort upstream.

As usual, Syed Armani from hastexo! enthralled the audience with his impressive slides and talked about ‘KickStack’, a rapid deployment system for OpenStack, which uses Puppet modules hosted at StackForge. KickStack adds a thin, pure-Puppet wrapper layer on top of these modules that enables you to deploy an OpenStack cloud in minutes.

The slides are uploaded to the slideshare account and the photos are here.

We sincerely thank CISCO, Bangalore for their hospitality and the delicious lunch.

Stay tuned for more updates on the happenings of OpenStack in India!!!


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