Report: OpenStack Meetup, Ahmedabad, India

Yet another city seizes the opportunity to get in touch with top-notch professionals from the world of Cloud Computing and OpenStack at their best, while getting themselves familiar with the Cloud Computing Operating System which everyone in IT World has been talking about lately. Being the first meetup in the city, I was surprised to see many professionals, students and teachers turn up for the event. It was a spectacular sight to see many interested Geeks and Evangelists making their way through the beautiful green campus of Gujarat University.

Kudos to the event sponsors and organisers, the full list and other details can be found here

Keynote & Introduction to OpenStack -> Kavit Munsi, EVP, Aptira

As the meetup started, Kavit Munshi introduced the concept of meetups, their importance and impact. The driving change brought up into the IT world, massive changes in the Software Industry was well explained as he had to introduce not only OpenStack and Cloud computing but also the world of datacentres before Cloud Computing crawled into it.
Being the first meetup, we saw Kavit Munshi give an overview on OpenStack Foundation, various projects under it and brief technical introduction. His talk was not technically heavy considering the newbies to OpenStack but still enlightening as he shared his vision on Cloud Computing and how it is affecting the IT world. He might as well have motivated new contributors to OpenStack. Kavit also highlighted a few technical aspects of OpenStack, its basic Architecture and how it plays an important role.

Introduction to JUJU & MAAS, Faster Deployment of OpenStack -> Hardik Dalwadi, Canonical

Canonical’s MaaS and Juju made its way into the second talk as Hardik Dalwadi enlightened the audience with Developer Operations and Service Orchestration which was well responded by the audience and some of the students from Gujarat University were motivated to contribute to juju charms.

OpenStack Cloud Usage Billing System -> Kalpan Shah & Rajen Patel, B.E Computer, GTU.

Gujarat has given birth to many Prodigies, Kalpan Shah and Rajen Patel are two of the brilliant students who have designed and showcased OpenStack billing system which saw its birth in Gujarat University. This system tracks usage data on a real time basis and generate reports. With a promising Proof Of Concept, eager eyes are waiting to see how this project impacts the Cloud and OpenStack’s billing strategies.

Closing Keynote -> Mr. Hardik Joshi, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Computer Science, Gujarat University

Mr. Hardik Joshi is one of the few Professors which every university craves to have, as he is one of the pioneers driving Open Source in Gujarat’s Education system, by pushing various Open Source technologies into the syllabus of Engineering and Higher Secondary courses. He has been working on and encouraging students to work on Open Source technologies since last decade and now his efforts have led a revolutionary change in the education system. It was awesome to know that Ubuntu has made way into the Secondary and Higher Secondary Syllabus, taught in the schools of Gujarat, it would not be a surprise to me if they have OpenStack in their syllabus in the recent future.


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